Speedcubing & Fails

Pour changer des vidéos de record voici 2 vidéos de fails :

La première est une vidéo de pop lors d'une résolution en blind d'un 3x3. Le Cubeur n'est autre que Noah Arthurs, le détenteur du record national US au 3x3 blind et 4x4 blind.

La seconde est une vidéo de pop lors d'une résolution avec les pieds par Dmitry Kryuzban, détenteur des records Russe au Square-1 et Clock.

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  1. I too, wing it. My background with cinokog was a friendly atmosphere at home and later working with chefs and a catering company in Austin years ago. Bottom line: Use what’s in season, what’s in the pantry ..the rest is up to whim!Today I wanted a Mexican flair and ended up with Indian, go figure .? Heirloom tomatoes (small greenies and yellow pears), pork and beef tenderloin, onions and some odd semi sweet/slightly spicy peppers I picked up at the local Hispanic market .. I marinated the meat in a warming spice, fresh grated ginger, olive oil and a splash of lime. Simple, elegant and very satisfying. No side. I made rice pudding for dessert, with Asian pears and vanilla . Lovin’ it!

  2. I love these ideas!I have to do a few presents, four for my son’s sohocl and one at my daughter’s. My son is at boarding sohocl so we buy for matron, house master, tutor and his favourite teacher. Last year I did a310 Costa cards so they could have a coffee and a muffin on us. This year we are doing Gower Cottage Brownies. My best friend is a teacher in a very posh prep sohocl. he got a Mont Blanc pen worth a3300 from one parent last year!!! Madness.

  3. Wow! Great to find a post knocking my socks off!

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